BDF Handle is a result of cooperation between visionaries, engineers and a paraplegic, who was unable to find a product on the market with adequate quality for manual operation of his vehicle. That's how the BDF. Handle was brought to life. It represents an upgrade and an update to these types of products on the market. It's patented, comes with all of the required technical documentation and certificates needed for its use. The BDF. Handle is also the only product in Slovenia described in the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Act (ZIMI), and is as such recognized as appropriate and safe to use.

BDF. Handle brings the freedom of independent and safe driving to people, who are unable to use their legs but have fully or partially functional upper body. It is used by paraplegics, quadriplegics with milder case of physical disability, people without legs, patients with multiple sclerosis, dwarf people and others, who can’t operate a vehicle due to any extent of leg dysfunctionality.

Due to its unique design, production and benefits, BDF Control should be the FIRST choice for all of you who seek QUALITY, RELIABILITY and SEFETY.

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